On the happiest day of your life

...Who'll be standing there with you?

About Me

Michael Braxton a Non Denominational Wedding Officiant

Michael Braxton, Civil Wedding Officiant and Commitment Ceremony Celebrant

Since high school, friends and family members have asked me to officiate and emcee parties, weddings, funerals, plays, local beauty pageants and other special events. I’ve was told I have a unique knack for engaging the audiences and entertaining the participants.

I went on to win public speaking awards, studied Speech Communications in junior college and then Counseling, Psychology, Social Work, & World Religions at universities in Utah and Oregon. Eventually, I became a professional speaker and trainer.  I am the author of the book, Sales Manager 101, and was asked to collaborate with Jack Canfield (author of the book, Chicken Soup for the Soul) on another book called, “The Masters of Success.”

Non-religious couples often have a difficult time finding someone to officiate at their wedding ceremony. They’re uncomfortable utilizing a church they don’t actually attend, and the Justice-of-the-Peace option is often very expensive, impersonal and “judicial” (kinda like going to the DMV).  Sometimes, somebody’s brother-in-law offers to do it – but… really?  Do you really want to put the entire ceremony in the hands of someone without experience?  Many couples are looking for intimate, spiritual alternatives - involving an experienced professional, who’ll be an integral part of their planning, their rehearsal and their happiest day.

In 2001, I jumped through the necessary hoops to become legally authorized to perform marriages.  As well, I have reaffirmed my authorization by filing an “Affidavit of Authority to Perform Marriages.” Just ask; I will be happy to provide a copy if you like.  I’ve performed over 300 weddings and legal in all 50 states!

My philosophy about choosing a wedding officiator is basically summed-up in one word, “chemistry.”  Those very intimate, spiritual moments, when the three of us will be telling the story of your love and defining your commitment, will be a part of you forever.  It will only feel perfect with someone you’re comfortable with.  I hope I am the person with whom you have that connection, but if not, I hope you'll choose someone who feels just right.  Give me a call… let’s talk.

Got a unique wedding idea? If you can dream it up, I can do it...

I'll do almost anything! A ceremony in a swimming pool, on a beach, in the park or on a hot air balloon, maybe? I've performed many out-of-the-box ceremonies! If you need something special or unique… just ask me! I have a black robe and suits & ties, too - if you want me to wear anything special, I'll ask you to provide it.